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Community Room


One of the most popular amenities at Riverport is the Community Room.  In it is a full kitchen, television with cable access, multiple tables, couches, chairs, etc.  The most recent additions to the Community Room include the poker table and ping pong table too.  Residents use it for a variety of purposes, from parties to group television watching to meetings.  The room accommodates up to 40 people, and can be reserved in advanced for exclusive use, or accessed 24/7 if not already reserved.  More information about the Community Room, how to reserve it, and the rules for it can be found in the Handbook of Rules.



Riverport Condominiums is a secure facility, with electronic keys required to enter the Residents' area of the building located at all entrances thereto.  Guests may be "buzzed" in by using the intercom system at the main entrance and the garage entrances.  We also have a security system in place which consists of cameras placed in common areas.  All activity taking place in these areas is viewed by those cameras.  If you see someone committing vandalism, please report to the property manager, a security guard, or the police.  The condominium association will prosecute vandalism to the full extent of the law.  The Board employs on-site security as it deems necessary.

Storage Units


There are a number of indoor storage units located within Lehigh Riverport available for rent.  Many of our residents find these to be a great amenity that allows them to store their excess, oversized, or seasonal items in a temperature controlled environment.  A storage unit can help minimize the clutter within your condominium.  Contact the property manager to inquire more about acquiring a storage unit.

Parking Deck


Attached to and a part of Lehigh Riverport is a parking deck owned and operated by the Bethlehem Parking Authority.  The first floor is public metered parking open to the public and primarily serving the commercial units at Lehigh Riverport and the guests or its residents.  The top two floors are permit parking only reserved for the residents of Lehigh Riverport.



Getting around Lehigh Riverport is easy.  It is accessible from the street and from the parking deck directly without any need to exit the building.  The complex is also serviced by 5 elevators and stairwells throughout the building.  Our residents love that they can get from their cars to their condominium home without ever having to up any steps or go outside, staying safe from the elements, rain (snow) or shine.

Bicycle Racks


Bethlehem is a bicycle friendly city, and so is Riverport.  Many of our residents avail themselves of the ride-ability of the city, including the southside Greenway, so having a safe place to keep their bicycles is essential.  As such, Riverport has an ample supply of safe and secure racks for locking up your eco-friendly mode of transportation.​

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