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Resale Certificates

What is a Resale Certificate?


   The Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act requires sellers to provide buyers with copies of the condominium declaration, bylaws, rules and regulations of the Association, as well as a certificate providing detailed information about several facets of the association, including the finances, budget, and voting rights associated with membership. Once requested, the Act requires the Association to provide them, thereby enabling the sellers to meet their contractual and statutory obligations, especially regarding disclosure.


     It should be noted that while sellers could provide the buyer with their own copies of the condominium association documents as part of the MLS listing documents, they are still obligated to request the documents from the association, and it is wise to do this as soon as an offer is accepted on the property.  Listing agents should make their sellers aware of their obligation to request the required documents from the Association. 

Obtaining a Resale Certificate


     To obtain a Resale Certificate for the Lehigh Riverport Condominium Association, all that needs to be done is to fill out and submit a request form.  The request form is available at the LINK BELOW. Please note that a resale certificate package must be ordered, and we recommend it be ordered upon accepting an offer to sell a condominium.  

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