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Owning a Condominium at Lehigh Riverport

     All condominiums at Lehigh Riverport are individually owned.  Each owner is automatically a member of the Condominium Association, and many of our owners are active participants in it.  The Executive Board of the Lehigh Riverport Condominium Association entirely consists of owners, who are annually elected by all owners.  


     When you buy a condominium, you are buying all the space contained within your interior walls, and any ducts, plumbing, or wiring that serves that condominium exclusively. The exterior of the building, the landscaping, and all common areas are owned by the membership of the association, a group made up of the condominium owners. The condominium association is controlled by an Executive Board, who is elected by the condominium owners and who serve without compensation of any kind. This Executive Board establishes rules & regulations in tandem with the community documents and desires of the owners. Owning a unit in a condominium has its privileges and responsibilities.  One of the privileges is partial ownership in and full use of the common areas in the complex. 

     Many of the owners at Riverport are also residents.  Some choose to lease their condominiums.  Either way, our owners are at the at the heart of our community.  Each one has a voice, and contributes to the strength and quality of Lehigh Riverport Condominium Association.

     If you are interested in purchasing at Lehigh Riverport, contact the Real Estate Agent of your choice to find out what's currently available and what steps are necessary to become a part of the LRCA community.

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