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NAI Summit Management and Realty Company. 

They provide:



  • 24 Hour Emergency Service.  Someone from their office can be reached 24 hours every day at 610-264-0200.  If you are a tenant, call your unit owner for Emergency Service, unless the problem cannot wait for a response from the unit owner.

  • Maintenance.  NAI Summit oversees all day-to-day maintenance of Riverport common areas.

  • The Parking Garage is the sole responsibility of the Bethlehem Parking Authority, including elevators 1 & 2.  Problems with the parking garage can be reported to them directly at 610-865-2173 or online at

  • Steel Fitness and former restaurant space  are considered condominium units and all repairs and services are their responsibility.

  • There are 171 resident condominium units.  All repairs and services are the responsibility of the individual condominium owners.  NAI Summit Management can provide some  services, but all the work is C.O.D. or billable.  In the event of an emergency situation, Management may enter condominium units, though all efforts will be made to notify the owner prior to or immediately after said emergency.

  • Condominium office, lobby, courtyards, common corridors, and elevators 3, 4 & 5 are the responsibility of Lehigh Riverport Condo Association managed by NAI Summit Management Realty Company.  The on-site office number is 610.625.2790 and hours are posted. 

  • The residential spaces of the building are secured via an electronic common door lock system, 24 hours a day, and 365 days per year.  You always need keys to access the building, and should NEVER prop a door or let someone enter that you are not certain belongs inside.

  • There are three separate buildings joined together with two courtyards.  West building is Building #1, Center building is Building #2, and East building is Building #3 (the Parking Garage).  Courtyard #1 is the East courtyard and Courtyard #2 is the West courtyard.

  • Appliances supplied by the builder were  General Electric.  Call directly to 1-800-GE-CARES for service of appliances.

  • On site property manager.  A NAI Summit employee is available to assist residents during regularly scheduled office hours.  The on-site office number is 610.625.2790 and hours are posted in the lobby.

  • Correspondence & Billing: NAI Summit (610) 264-0200 provides all communications to Residents as well as billing for condo fees, water, and electric service to owners.  DO NOT contact any utility company directly for changes to services.

  • Board Meetings and Annual Meetings. The Executive Board holds public quarterly meetings.  Representatives from NAI Summit attend all board meetings and the annual association meeting of property owners.  You may contact the management office for meeting dates and times.

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